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Military and Dependent ID Cards

DEERS sites are located in Alice Springs, Darwin, and Canberra.  However, the Canberra and Darwin sites are the only publicly accessible DEERS locations to update and issue a Common Access Card (CAC) and dependent ID cards.  Personnel assigned outside of these areas will need to travel to either Canberra or Darwin at your parent unit’s expense to receive a new ID card.  For consideration, you may try to obtain an updated ID card at your current location in order to have a card that lasts throughout your assignment in Australia.  Feel free to use the Exception to Policy memo to obtain a new ID card prior to your PCS.

Note:  Dependents can get an ID card issued using the mail-in process during their assignment in Australia.  Please e-mail us at 337asuf.dp.orgbox@us.af.mil for detailed instructions.

For more information on Military and Dependent ID Cards, please refer to our DEERs & ID Cards section of this website.