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  • Commander's Corner: Oct. 31, 2014

    Today is a busy day for many of us here at Team Yokota. We have Halloween festivities going on throughout the day-- including the Running of the Bulls 10K we had earier this morning. If you're feeling up for another challenge, our Wing Resiliency Color Run/Walk begins at 3:30 p.m. this afternoon at Yokota's Friendship Field. I would also like to
  • Commander's Corner: Oct. 17, 2014

    I had the distinct honor of attending the Hispanic Heritage Month luncheon on Tuesday. It was a great finale for the heritage month as well as an outstanding opportunity to celebrate the diversity of Team Yokota. It was a privilege to be a part of such a culturally rich event. Diversity is a big part of what makes our Wing such a successful team.
  • Commander's Corner: Sept. 19, 2014

         This Saturday, Team Yokota and our Japanese brethren will celebrate the Air Force's 67th Birthday. This is an exciting time for us to honor the proud heritage and commitment to service we share as American Airmen. More importantly, it's an opportunity to realize not only how far we've evolved as a fighting force, but to look forward over the
  • Heritage and the wheel cap

    The U.S. Air Force has an incredible heritage and the wheel cap is part of that proud tradition.  Until recently, I had only worn my field-grade officer wheel cap once in the previous 12 years and that was for a U.S. Transportation Command Change of Command parade. I am recently currently assigned to command Air Mobility enroute forces in Korea,
  • Commander's Corner: Sept. 12, 2014

    For a generation of service members, the observance of 9/11 is a source of deep reflection on what it means to serve and defend our nation. Whether you raised your right hand before, during, or after the events of that tragic day, our collective resolve was forever strengthened and unified.It seems only fitting that on Thursday, the 13th
  • Commander's Corner: Sept. 5, 2014

    This weekend, Team Yokota will welcome approximately 200,000 of our Japanese friends and neighbors to this year's Japanese-American Friendship Festival. This event is the culmination of a lot of planning and preparation to ensure everyone enjoys a world-class event featuring exciting aircraft displays, great food, fun entertainment, and most
  • Commander's Corner: August 22, 2014

    Next weekend, Team Yokota will participate in multiple bilateral exercises alongside our Japanese allies. Representatives from the surrounding communities, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Shizuoka Prefecture Government, and Kanagawa Prefecture Government will partner together to launch several disaster management exercises involving bilateral first
  • Commander's Corner: August 15, 2014

    Recently, Exercise RED FLAG officially kicked off in Alaska. Yokota's Airlifters are hard at work, generating combat airlift to support this important training opportunity for joint and international forces. Our team is focused on improving its combat readiness alongside our Pacific partners and allies, proving our ability to support any air
  • Commander's Corner: August 8, 2014

    Team Yokota is certainly not unfamiliar with carrying a variety of cargos; whether passengers, equipment or supplies, our Airlifters get it done with professionalism. Today, however, Team Yokota carries a different kind of cargo. More than 80 of our Airmen will shoulder a 2,000 lb. Mikoshi shrine for half a mile during the Tanabata Festival--a
  • Only Protect the Teeth You Want to Keep!

    With the summer season in full swing and start of a new school year quickly approaching, now is the best time of year to get outdoors and play some of your favorite sports. One thing to always keep in mind regardless of the time of year or sport/exercise you are engaged in is safety. One form of safety the 374th Dental Squadron would like to